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We absolutely love horses.

Jodie fell in love with horses in Saskatchewan on the family farm. Her love deepened during the casual summer rides into town on her cousin’s ponies, Buttercup and Star. Since then, horses become the main subject of her artwork and photography and today, when out in the country riding her road bike, Jodie often stops to admire the variety of horses playing in the fields.

Zoë grew up with a cream coloured pony named Radar that she visited on the weekends. That little pony was Zoë’s introduction to loving and learning from horses.  Later in life, she met another pony who would change everything.  Gus was a strong willed and tenacious soul who had been badly neglected. Zoë made it her goal to help him understand kindness.  Gus inspired a whole new branch of Zoë’ s life as she learned about Holistic Horsemanship and began her career as a producer and writer working strictly on projects that involved horses. Gus and Radar’s legacy lives on in Zoë's continued passion for horse rescue and education.

Friends, sisters-in-law and business partners, Jodie Bernard and Zoë Carter are creators. Together, they have put their love of imagination, art and colour into Vivid Horses to make a difference. 

Jodie is a publishing professional, art director and world adventurer. Zoë is a mother, film producer and writer who works closely with rescue horses. 

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